July 26th At The Market

July 26th At The Market

Exchange Your Old Boring Cookbooks for Exciting New Ones!

Cookbook swap

This Saturday bring your old or unwanted cookbooks to the market and exchange them for ones that interest you.  Our vendors will also be bringing new recipes for you to try using their products.  Shop at the market for the freshest of summer’s bounty, and surprise your family with a new recipe using market fresh ingredients!

This Weeks Market Entertainment:  Rich Pultorak

This Week’s Market Vendors:

A’Dello Vineyards
Bendybrook Farm
Betula’s Botanica 
Burkholder’s Organic Produce
Freeland Market
Frecon Farms

Hearth Bakery
Jenny & Frank’s Artisan Gelato
Jubilee Hill Farm

Kay Bryant
Marcy’s Granola

Pawsome Healthy Pet Treats
Positively Pasta Plus
Sweet Tree Coffee Roasters
Ursinus College Organic Farm
Valley Run CSA


Congratulate Jenny & Frank’s on their Store Opening  (AND Sample Their Amazing Gelato!)

Congratulate Jenny & Frank’s on their Store Opening (AND Sample Their Amazing Gelato!)

Jenny & Frank’s reaches a new milestone this week; their Eagleville Factory Store (2847 Ridge Pike) officially opens to the public on Friday, July 25th at 10 a.m.! They are both excited and grateful for all of the support from their customers.  “Grazie, grazie, grazie!”

“We will be offering our incredible Blueberry Basil for the last time this season — so please stock up while you can,” says Marianne.  “Also on hand will be Stacciatella (chocolate chip), Black Cherry Sorbetto, and our old friends Sea Salt Caramel, Rustic Lemon, and Chocolate Supreme.  Tip: sprinkle some espresso or coffee grounds on the Sea Salt Caramel or Chocolate Supreme and feel your taste buds go wild.  Ciao!”

 The Story Behind Jenny and Frank’s Gelato

By Marisha Letki

After mixing, pasteurizing, and freezing, blueberry basil gelato is created

After mixing, pasteurizing, and freezing, blueberry basil gelato is created

Tom and Marianne Cozzolino got their start selling gelato at the Collegeville Farmers’ Market when we first opened in 2011—and the first time they sold with us they sold out!  Now they sell in eight farmers’ markets.

For the convenience of their customers, Tom and Marianne have now opened Jenny and Frank’s Gelato Shop on Ridge Pike in Eagleville. Now you don’t have to wait for a farmer’s market to enjoy Jenny & Frank’s gelato–their single servings and pint-sized gelatos are waiting for you throughout the week!

The name “Jenny and Frank’s” honors Tom’s Italian grandparents who inspired the beginning of this project and can be seen on the label.  In 2010, Tom, Marianne and family travelled to Italy and fell in love with real gelato. Upon on their return to the states, they could not find any gelato that tasted like real Italian gelato.  To satisfy their craving, they decided to make their own.  Little did they know that this was the first step of many towards their very own Italian gelato business.

Marianne enrolled in an authentic Italian Gelato course in California, and since then has grown and embellished her recipes using her knowledge and experience as a personal chef.   She learned the difference between American and Italian Gelato and how to properly make it using the Italian standards. Her authentic Italian Gelato is made using Italian machines and processes. The special flavors offered at Jenny and Frank’s—such as rustic lemon, blueberry basil and ginger peach—are constantly tweaked and taste tested until they are agreed upon by their family.

Marianna loves to take something simple, like a fruit or an herb, and create a spectacular gelato flavor with experimentation.  That is how their famous Blueberry Basil came about. Their gelato is described by Tom as “real and true”; it contains real fruit, no flavoring or dyes, and is made with pastured milk from a  local dairy.

Stop by and see them!  Their shop is just 15 minutes east on Ridge Pike from our market.

Frecon Farm Bursting to the Seams with Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Blueberries  and their Great Peach Jubilee Celebration!

Frecon Farm Bursting to the Seams with Peaches, Apricots, Plums, Blueberries and their Great Peach Jubilee Celebration!

Frecon is harvesting Desiree and Glen Glow peaches daily! These peaches are yellow flesh, cling stone and bursting with flavor.  White peaches are also coming into season.  Frecon peaches will be firm at the market and ripen to the ideal texture on your kitchen counter. So put a few on the counter and keep the rest in the fridge and you’ll have peaches all week.

Apricots: Apricots are in, small in size but bursting with flavor. Our supply is limited, make sure to come early and stock up.
Plums: This week’s varieties are Methley and Golden Sugar Plums
Blueberries:  Will continue for a few weeks yet. This week we are picking Darrow and Aurora

Frecon will also be bringing made-from-scratch peach pies, along with apple, blueberry and cherry pies and peach muffins. Frecon is also bringing their award-winning ciders and packaged dried fruit, fruit butters and cider applesauce.

To guarantee your order, call Frecon at 610-367-6100. You can also buy fruit in bulk.

Frecon Hosting their Great Peach Jubilee Friday and Saturday at their Boyertown Farm Store!

Drive up for their peach blowout sale and enjoy peach cider donuts, peach slusheez, peach cobbler, peach muffins and peach pie.  The Grand Opening of their Bakery is on Saturday, with guest chef demos and free peach sundaes!  The Farm Store is located at 501 S. Reading Ave., Boyertown, PA.

Local Fresh Corn—Worth the Wait!

Local Fresh Corn—Worth the Wait!

Finally melt-in-your-mouth fresh corn from Burkholder Organic Farm, along with an abundance of just-picked tomatoes, summer squash and zucchini!

Additionally, Burkholder, Ursinus College, Valley Run and Jubilee Hill Farms are bringing golden and red cherry tomatoes, green, purple, and yellow string beans, cabbage carrots, snap peas, eggplant, cucumbers, beets, herbs, lettuce, mustard greens, purslane, spinach, onions, salad mix, blueberries, kale, Swiss chard and beets. Jubilee Hill Farm has two new tea blends: Faux Joe, an herbal coffee alternative, and Transcendental Mint tea.


Sweet Tree Featuring New Coffees

Sweet Tree Featuring New Coffees

Sweet Tree has several new and exciting coffees to share this week: an Organic Mexican La Lagunilla (balanced and nutty, with sweet notes of creamy macadamia and toasted almond), Don Roger Natural Process Nicaraguan (complex fruity notes, full body, rustic sweetness), Don Francisco Catuai Micro-Lot (super sweet, full bodied, moderate acidity), as well as their Costa Rican (light roast, sweet, vibrant acidity, lemongrass and honey), Ethiopian Burka Gudina (medium roast, thick bodied with cherry and dry cocoa finish) and Decaf Mayan Select (balanced, with creamy mouthfeel and sweet nutty notes).

Fresh roasted cold /iced and hot coffee will also be brewing, so come say hello and grab a cup!

Marcy’s Granola Featuring Vegan Cashew with Cranberries

Marcy’s Granola Featuring Vegan Cashew with Cranberries

Marcy’s featured flavor this week is Vegan Cashew with Cranberries—her daughter’s favorite.  “Rebecca loves cashews and she came up with this one. If you like cashews too, you’ll love it!”  This is Marcy’s 100% Vegan Cashew.   She recently upgraded this product to include a more nutritious sweetener; locally produced organic maple syrup! Remember, the principal sweetener in all of Marcy’s granolas is the dried fruit.  Also try Marcy’s Cashew with Cranberries Muesli bars.  They are a yummy treat!

Marcy's Granola